Catalogue of Mental Health Measures

We are indebted to researchers at Kings College London (KCL)’s Social Genetic and Developmental Psychiatry Centre; particularly Professor Louise Arseneault, Lily Strange, Bridget Bryan and Georgia Andrews who have produced a Catalogue of Mental Health Measures ( which collects information about the mental health measures included in British cohort and longitudinal studies. Their experience in producing their catalogue led them to offer considerable support and advice to our team during the early stages in the establishment of our collection of social care measures website.


We would also like to acknowledge the hard work of CLOSER ( who have worked hard to increase the visibility, use and impact of longitudinal population studies. They have a page on their website where users can scroll through a long list of UK longitudinal studies and click on each to find out more about the study, including details of how to access the data. Their website was part of the inspiration behind the creation of this catalogue.

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