Timeline Group label Sweep Group Sweep Title Participant age Starts Ends Scale Provision, Receipt, Need? Topic(s) Focus Informant: Multiple rater? Reporting Term Question(s) Response scale Standard instrument? Notes Physical Health Measures
2019 sweep HSE-898 January 2019 January 2020 Caring responsibilities - which tasks Provision; Participant No Past month

In the last month, which of these tasks have you helped [^name of person cared for] with. Please think only of help or support given because of long-term physical or mental ill-health, disability or problems relating to old age?

A Personal Care (e.g. washing yourself, having a bath or shower)
B Physical help (e.g. to get around indoors, to get up and down stairs)
C Helping with dealing with care services and benefits
D Helping with other paperwork or financial matters
E Other practical help (e.g. shopping for food)
F Keeping him/her company
G Taking him/her out
H Giving medicines
I Keeping an eye on him/her to see he/she is all right
J None of these


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