Timeline Group label Sweep Group Sweep Title Participant age Starts Ends Scale Provision, Receipt, Need? Topic(s) Focus Informant: Multiple rater? Reporting Term Question(s) Response scale Standard instrument? Notes Physical Health Measures
2019 sweep HSE-905 January 2019 January 2020 Impact on leisure from caring Provision; Participant No Current

How, if at all, has your ability to spend time doing leisure or social activities been affected by the assistance you give to [^name of person cared for]…Please read out the numbers that apply from this card?

1 Unable to socialise
2 Reduced time with spouse or partner
3 Reduced time with other family members
4 Reduced time with friends
5 Difficulties making new friends
6 Reduced time spent doing sport or physical activity
7 Reduced time spent doing pastime or hobby
8 Other
9 None of these (SPONTANEOUS)


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