Timeline Group label Sweep Group Sweep Title Participant age Starts Ends Scale Provision, Receipt, Need? Topic(s) Focus Informant: Multiple rater? Reporting Term Question(s) Response scale Standard instrument? Notes Physical Health Measures
2017 Sweep HSE-985 January 2017 January 2018 Provision of care to others Provision; Participant No Current

Have you personally provided help or support to anyone in the last month because they have long term physical or mental ill-health, a disability or problems relating to old age? Do not include help given in a professional capacity or as part of a job, but include help or support given to your family, friends or neighbours.
INTERVIEWER: Include help for wife/husband/partner

Can I just check, are you only including help or support that you give this person/these people because they have long-term physical or mental ill-health, disability or problems relating to old age, or were you thinking about help more generally?

How many people do you provide this kind of help and support to?

Part 1:
1 Yes
2 No

Part 2:
1 Yes, thinking of help/support given because of health/old age
2 No, was thinking about help more generally

Part 3:
Range: 0..97


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