Timeline Group label Sweep Group Sweep Title Participant age Starts Ends Scale Provision, Receipt, Need? Topic(s) Focus Informant: Multiple rater? Reporting Term Question(s) Response scale Standard instrument? Notes Physical Health Measures
MCS7 (Age 17 Survey) MCS-7-01 January 2018 January 2019 Caring responsibilities Provision; 17 Participant No Currently

Some people have extra responsibilities because they look after someone who has long- term physical or mental health difficulties or disability, or problems related to old age. ADD INFO BUTTON: “For example: cooking, cleaning, shopping, providing nursing and personal care, and giving emotional support.”
Do you regularly look after anyone who is ill, disabled or elderly and in need of care, without being paid? This includes both people who live with you and those who live elsewhere. Please do not include caring you do for others that you do in a professional capacity (i.e. as a job).

1 Yes
2 No



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