Timeline Group label Sweep Group Sweep Title Participant age Starts Ends Scale Provision, Receipt, Need? Topic(s) Focus Informant: Multiple rater? Reporting Term Question(s) Response scale Standard instrument? Notes Physical Health Measures
Lifestyle and health of partner ALSPAC-1947 July 2002 June 2004 Caring responsibilities Provision; Partner No Current

How many hours each week approximately do you spend time doing the following:

a) Preparing food, cooking and washing up
b) Shopping for food and groceries
c) Shopping and browsing in shops for other items (e.g. clothes, toys)
d) Cleaning the house
e) Doing the washing and ironing
f) Caring for pre-school children or babies at home (not as paid employment)
g) Caring for handicapped, elderly or disabled people at home (not as paid employment)


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